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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 25, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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that is all the time we have left tonight. before we go, set your dvr ask record "hannity" and we'll see h.h.s. secretary sebelius picking a fight with governors of southern states accusing them of playing politics with peements' lives. >> unfortunately i think what we have in a large case is governors playing politics with people's lives and with people's health. we have 31 governors who are interested in actually moving forward but we need to put some pressure on some of the others to say, you know, this is just -- this is about people's health. this is the law of the land it's not going to go away. >> who is really playing politics here. oklahoma governor mary fallon shared the national governor's association. she joins us. nice to see you, governor. >> nice to see you, too greta. >> governor, are you one of those playing politics with
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people's lives that kathleen sebelius is talking about. you are a sovereign governor. >> i am a southern governor. let me kind of frame this issue, greta. we're talking about costs rising for businesses, for health insurance premiums. we are talking about individuals losing coverage. we're talking about 11 million individuals who know their interest premiums are going to go up and two thirds of small businesses know their insurance premiums are going to group. we know that people are losing jobs because of obamacare. we know that states are going to be hit with billions of dollars of new costs with medicaid expansion and other costs associated with this program. so, what's the politics about that? it's just not good pluck policy. and that's why when the vote occurred on the affordable healthcare act in congress when i was a member of congress bill rolled out and voted on and you saw all the republicans voted against it we believe now and we
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believed then it's unworkable and unaffordable. that he was why you see so many time delays on the legislation right now. i don't know if you met with secretary sebelius. why do you think. >> i did. >> okay. so why suddenly the -- you know, it's a crack calling you playing politics, southern governors, what provoked that do you think? >> you know, i'm not really sure. did i see secretary sebelius. and i know she has got a really hard job and i have talked to her many, many times as the chair of the national governor's association. each governor has it to do what they think is best for their own state. we all have unique circumstances. we all have our own political philosophy. and i choose, as governor of oklahoma, and as a republican conservative governor to do one thing. others choose to do other things. but, you know, i think you have to put the blame back to where it belongs. and that is who is it that is administering this program? >> are they helping you at all to the extent your state needs help from the federal government in trying to
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implement this law? i know that you are probably not in favor the law. it wasn't your choice. but, are they helpful and receptive or are they just sort of slapping you around with a crack? >> well, that was a little slap around, i guess last night. but, i will say that they have helped us on, we have had a program in oklahoma since 2008 called insure oklahoma. which is a three way match. where small businesses and low income people are able health insurance. a firm where we set up individual pays a small business. business pays a portion and then there is matching funds for that and it's worked very well for oklahoma. we got notice last year they were going to continue it last december. i asked for extension of the program. i said it's working. it's providing health insurance low income people helping small businesses let me keep that. so he i did get an extension on that. and for that i am very grateful. one of the things that we heard at the national governor's association meeting this weekend is states are laboratories of
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innovation. there are some great programs. being able to cover more people with healthcare, being able to help lower costs. let's say have those waivers. have the flexibility so they can innovate, create, and certainly to improve access to health care in the nation. >> is obamacare going to be -- can it be a success in your state as you sort of look down the road or do you see it as a disaster as you look down the road? >> well, it hasn't had a rollout that's been very good. i mean, we saw time delay after time delay. i saw a story in oklahoma just recently to where a gentleman had a company and it was a small business, he grew it, and it got up to about 70 employees. and because of the mandates with the new obamacare program, he reduced his number of employees back down to 50 because he just said he couldn't afford the increase and insurance premium costs. and then all of a sudden it gets delayed again, so he let's people go, let their jobs go. and so now they have no job and no insurance. so, you know, we have seen a lot of problems with the
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implementation of the law itself. a lot of delays which, to me, is an admission that it's just not working the way it was intended to work. >> governor, nice to see you. i hope things are okay after that oklahoma tornado. i hope they are getting your state back up on its feet because i know you got hit pretty hard. thank you, governor. >> thank you, i appreciate it. and again is secretary sebelius moving the goal posts again? last september she described obamacare's success this way. >> what does success look like? >> well, i think success looks like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of march 2014. >> you heard her 7 million people by the end of march. now it sounds like secretary sebelius has changed her mind. >> first of all, 7 million was not the administration. that was a cbo congressional budget office prediction when the bill was first signed. i'm not quite sure where they even got their numbers. their numbers are all over the board. >> joining us our political
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panel the hill's elise viebeck and rick klein and chief political correspondent byron york. i suspect that one of the places they may have got 7 million was actually from the secretary herself. >> they have moved the goal post off the field. every number we get cannot really be trusted. and the new number today is that 4 million have, quote: signed up for obamacare. >> approximately. >> approximately. >> private coverage since the whole process began on october 1st. well, that's mind what they were looking for. but there is two big issues with that. one is, we know they count people who just put a policy in their shopping basket on the web. so how many people have actually purchased it? we have some antidotal data to suggest maybe 20% have not purchased it, so 4 million becomes 3.2 million. the bigger issue is how many were previously uninsured? we know of millions of people have had their coverage cancelled due to obamacare and they have gone back to the exchanges to try to get new coverage.
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that's just kind of a churning operation. >> well, if you have 6 million who lost prior to the end of the year and now 2.2. still a negative number. >> still behind on private coverage. >> rick your thoughts on. this the administration only likes numbers when they fit with the narrative they are trying to push around the success of this. look, i think the cbo tends to do great work and it gets cited by the administration when it's something in their favor. they like to to down play the impact of those numbers when it doesn't fit exactly. this, throughout -- byron is right. there has been so much spin throughout the process. >> that's embarrassing though. >> yeah. because there is actually a tape of it to say it directly. it really is not possible to trust the administration's numbers on this. because they haven't had any transparency around. they have put out numbers when it fits their story that they want to tell at a particular time. so, yes, the goal posts have moved rather consistently now. we won't know for a long time in part because there is not a lot of transparency and in part because the
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insurance marketplace is very difficult if this is working. >> at least if they're putting a spin on this 3 million or 4.2 if you take into consideration the ones that haven't paid as byron just said, that's the spin. that's even horrible. if that's the best they can do. they are not even getting over their own goal posts. >> that's all right. we have seen that in october and before october that the white house and h.h.s. were grasping at straws how to sell this healthcare law and how to cope with their own failures. we see that in sebelius' about face. nobody can trust what she says anymore about the enrollment numbers, particularly when you know her previous statements are just a quick google search away and they are contradictory. >> other thing too, not just secretary sebelius. the report that came out tonight from marilyn tavenner. centers for medicare and medicaid services in announcing these 4 million, she says we continue to see strong demand nationwide from consumers who want access to quality affordable coverage. number one it's not affordable for a lot of people. and number two continue to
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see strong demand when they haven't even met any of their sliding goal posts. that's pathetic. >> what else are they going to say? >> they can eliminate that message and just say 4 million. they don't have to embarrass themselves. >> they are not going to issue a press release saying things are not going as well. >> just say 4 million. >> they could. one more issue with this. we are talking about private coverage. there is also the expansion of medicaid, which the administration cites as one of the big successes of this. we know that a large percentage of those, probably a majority of those people were people who already qualified for medicaid. they may have been reuping their medicaid coverage. again, it's not reaching huge numbers of people who were previously uninsured. >> all right. one other thing talked about tonight, rick, it says that their call centers bragging about working 24/7 to assist customers in english, spanish, 150 languages. spanish is bad. >> google translate. let's put it in there right
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now. >> that's one of the toicious get ironed out. >> panel stay with us. more alarming news tonight about the botched obamacare rollout. emails exposing hh frustrations with the white house. a senior h.h.s. official writing that the white house was in disarray in months before the launch. susan cab tree broke the story. she joins us. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> first, how did you get these emails? >> i i submitted a foia request and six months later i submitted it? n. june and six months later i received them back, 257 emails. >> that wasn't exactly the fastest work i have ever seen six months to get you these emails. what do the emails tell you? >> well, there has been a the love focus and people think that kathleen sebelius did not inform president obama enough about the problems that could have come out in the web site. that -- but actually the emails show that the reverse is also true. that h.h.s. harbored deep frustrations about how the white house was preparing for the rollout in the fall. >> so basically a lot of
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finger pointing. kathleen sebelius not telling the president and the president, of course, has denied that he knew anything about the poor perform hans until after it happened. now this email shows that even h.h.s. is deeply frustrated and i think in may with how the white house has handled it there is a lot of finger pointing both ways. >> nature. may 1st there was email from the head much external affairs. public engagement. he was saying that the white house is in disarray. the email was to enroll america's heads -- the white house is in disarray, we don't know who is in charge on healthcare and we need to have a come-to-jesus meeting. >> that was his term come to jesus. >> friends over there. >> is there anything in the email toind indicate upon this warning from h.h.s. or the complaint about the white house that anybody did anything to sort of accelerate inspection or test the web site or anything or was it just like they were complaining about each other. >> the larger story i'm getting at here is the fundraising issue.
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did sebelius shake down corporations as ethics watchdogs have complained that she did by raising money on behalf of enroll america which is an outside group. >> to pay what though not to line her own pocket. >> of course not. >> to pay what. >> to promote enrollment in obamacare. enroll america. outside group that's formed from obama white house aides and campaign aids it's going to is to try to pump the numbers up. that's my larger goal. i'm doing a series of stories on that. but, the emails i have a glimpse into the frustrations. so this email was included in the larger. >> the eye reason of the story if this were true back in may she is trying to get the enrollment up which started six months later, four months later in october. if anyone had paid attention to the web site. it wouldn't have been a disaster and had better enrollment numbers. never dull. susan, thank you. >> thanks for having me.
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>> all right. let's go all go off-the-record for a minute. do you know what we need? whistle blowers. we need more americans on the inside of our government who just can't stand deception and lack of transparency anymore. we need to you speak up so that we can get the straight story. the complete story and the truth about important matters. we in the media can ask lots of questions but the government often refuses to answer questions or dodge and then we have to file freedom of information act requests and the government takes forever to comply. they game us. when they do answer i'm not confident we get all the answers. i believe the government hides its mistakes classify documents that should never no way be classified. i think that's dirty. there is a a way to get information. that's you. you work for the government. and you know he something about obamacare or any other important issue that's being deliberately hidden from the americans that americans should know about, speak up. whistle blowers make a big difference. case in point. fcc commissioner pai blue the whistle to put spies in
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numerous and require the media to answer dangerous questions. if commissioner pai had not spoken up. if you know something hiding from americans you know where to find us. he we are not afraid. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off the record go to and tell us about it straight ahead, you are not going to believe this one, it is a first, sean hannity defending former secretary of state hillary clinton. can that possibly be true? it absolutely is defending hillary clinton about what? find out. sean will tell you next. also, toronto mayor rob ford still smoking crack. mayor ford has news about his drug and alcohol use. you will hear from him coming up. ♪ feel all
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did vice president joe biden just change his view and announce it on "the view." today barbara walters pressing the president about running 2016 and whether or not he would run against former secretary of state hillary clinton. if he she does not run. have you said if she does not run for vice president you won't. >> the only reason to run for president of the united states if you truly believe you are better positioned to do what you think is most needed in the country. i think my knowledge of foreign policy, my engagement with world leaders, my experience is uniquely positions me to be -- to it follow through on the agenda barack and i have of bringing up world peace in a way that is real and substantive. i also think the middle class is the single foggy cuss what we should be looking at how to grow it
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whether she runs or not will not effect my decision. >> my colleague sean hannity joins us. nice to see you, sean. >> good how are you? >> i think it sounds like the vice president is running. >> he wants the plane. that's all spin. he wants the plane and helicopter and this really cool house i don't care about the house but i gold for the plane. >> the person we probably need. do you remember the movie gladiator? i love that movie. general maximus, he bestows that honor, that he will restore rome to great glory and general maximus says with all my heart no. that's why it must be you. i'm looking for the guy that doesn't want the job. he probably would be the right person at this time. >> what do you make of the fact that there is a lot of sort of chatter about the fact that secretary of state hillary clinton is older woman and may be particularly older at the time of the election but you don't hear anything about vice president biden's age
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and is he even older? >> you know what? looks, age, they said the same thing about ronald reagan whether he would have the energy. it became a big issue if you recall in his re-election campaign. especially that second debate. america needed to see that he was still engaged and then he had the line that ended the election. look, i don't like to get into the age issue. if she is up for the job. >> how about the spirit. how about talking about the for the woman but not the guy? >> well, you know, i think you are probably right. i think you would probably write in your observation in that i think they might talk more about a woman's looks than a man's looks at that age. and i think it's unfair. >> all right. >> i'm sticking up for hillary. mark that down on your calendar. >> i'm already marking it down. sean hannity sticking up for secretary of state hillary clinton everyone said it was auto agood meeting. that's the transparency we get from both of them.
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good meeting. what do you make of that. >> they are never going to tell us what really happened there i'm dispointed in speaker boehner. there have been times that i feel, greta, that he has done the right thing. i think more often than not, i think he has adopted a political strategy just to keep the republicans in power. i think this moment calls in american history for something bigger. if i was there. if i was the speaker. what i would have said to the president is why don't you join with me and let's stop robbing our kids and putting $17 trillion of debt on their heads. mr. president, are you aware the unemployment rate in north dakota is 2%? mr. president, if you haven't noticed your healthcare bill isn't working. is there anything you would be willing to do to get people controlled medical savings accounts. are you willing to open your mind at all? i'm not sure that speaker boehner would do that. i suspect that he went in there. they had a cordial lunch. he smoked and obama' chewed on nicorette and i think
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nothing got accomplished. >> sean we have 30 seconds left. last night you had a big interview with former vice president dick cheney. big interview talking about the military cuts. i'm curious, what do you have tonight? >> we're going to go back to that i thought what he said especially about the administration, i think speaks volumes about the left in general is that they spend all this money and they will take on all this debt on social programs but, yet, our military, lowest level since world war ii. 1940. even the pentagon admitted it puts our troops in jeopardy. so we are going to examine that question tonight and ask whether or not american dominance in the terms of the military power is wayneing under obama which would be very dangerous to the world. that void will be filled by somebody else. >> all right. 10:00 p.m. if you can't watch it live, everybody should set the dvr and watch it as soon thereafter. >> thanks, greta. >> good to he see you, sean. >> always good to see you. thank you. now it's time to show you what we are watching. we put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. take a look. u.s. olympic figure skater
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gracy gold may not have won a medal but winning the hearts of fans. 17-year-old california teen taking to youtube prom date. >> watching you skate made me realize how perfect we are for each other. let me show you why. >> you are gorgeous. my mom thinks i'm pretty. >> you are olympic athlete. i made varsity. >> i live at the beach. you live at the beach. as you may have guessed. i am single. that's not the only thing we have in common. we are both blonde. a foot something and great form on the ice. >> will greas gold go to the prom? the skater tweeting saying this melted my heart. so far no decision on the prom. and now to the sport of frisbee. check out these trick shots caught on camera with dubai as a back drop. >> i'm just going to wing
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this one. that was on the work of trick shot specialist brode smith. amazing animal moment for the san diego zoo. mila the elephant had not seen another elephant for 30 years until now. look what happens when myla meets mary. they seem to share elephant hug. mila was surprised to see another animal as big as she is after being alone for decades. the new pals will hang out together. looks like the start of a beautiful elephant friendship. that is what we are watching tonight. if you want to see more of the videos we just showed you. you know where to go. strippers, liquor, gambling, you heard of welfare money being spent on those things. that was really annoyed you. you will never guess where that food stamp money is going now. start guessing, i will tell you though after the break. also, big news tonight for president bush 43. he has a new career. that's coming up. honestly? i wanted a smartphone that shoots great video.
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so i got the new nokia lumia icon. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom, and a twenty-megapixel sensor. it's got the brightest display, so i can see what i'm shooting -- even outdoors, and 4 mics that capture incredible sound. plus, it has apps like vine -- and free cloud storage. my new lumia icon is so great, even our wipeouts look amazing. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪
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a special message for house minority leader nancy pelosi. if she is watching. she needs to turn up the volume for this one. you may have heard leader pelosi insisting there is nothing left to cut from the budget. >> there is no more cuts to make. it's really important that people understand that. >> really? nothing to cut? how about starting with government waste and fraud? there is news just in the federal government misspent more than 100 billion-dollar that's a b, taxpayer funds in 2012. we are back with our panel. okay. elise, what's the worst example of waste and fraud of which there are many candidates? >> oh boy going off that article i chose one little bit controversial which is medicare advantage. private medicare which on average per patient receives
11:30 pm
more money from the government than traditional medicare. this is why very controversially obamacare chose to cut that program by $200 billion over 10 years because they consider it to be too wasteful, too fraudulent and too generous in terms of traditional medicare in terms of what americans were getting. >> 13.1 billion actually wasted. rick? >> it's hard to beat medicare in the pure volume of payments. i was struck by the un unnumber. $10 billion wasted improperly sent out. >> paid to people who aren't entitled it it. >> that's right. what's damaging about it lifeline to some people in the country. economic stimulus as well and the people that depend on it the fact that there are so many fraudulent examples out there. it has undermined the case for extending it. that's a major reason that you hear the calls now for cutting it off as this happened for long-time unemployed. >> the earned income tax credit, which is an income boost for low income americans, who are working, it has bipartisan support in
11:31 pm
congress. very solid support. but, various audits that we have seen, especially one from the internal revenue service which administers it has it losing between 110 and $130 billion over the next 10 years. everybody at every level of government has tried to stop this sending out money to unqualified people. president obama signed an executive order trying to stop it hasn't worked. >> all right. a billion dollars. people are so used to throwing that number around. that is 1 billion. that's a lot of money. a thousand million. 35 billion. incredible. $35 billion. i hate to use the word delusional, but why in the world is leader pelosi saying the cupboard is bare? perfect place to cut, rick? >> here is the thing waste, fraud and abuse, politicians from the beginning of time and end of time will wail against waste fraud and abuse. it takes money to cover that
11:32 pm
money. we will never be rid of it entirely. speaker pelosi's point is when you look at the programs already spending money they have already taken big cuts. inside those programs there is so much money that is wasteful and fraudulent and abusive and constant rebel every government in the history of time. >> i don't think it's a struggle. you know why i don't think it's a struggle? because i don't see any effort to do it. i think they have all just given up or they don't care. >> i think there is various types of waste. we are talking about the f-35. insanely expensive fighter plane that is still being developed for the pentagon. that's one thing. now we are talking about social welfare programs. i think a lot of democrats support those even if there is a large amount of waste because they feel that cutting them would actually hurt people who need them. >> my favorite, of course, is the-million-dollar will vegas conference with the guy in the bathtub. we paid for that and couldn't even get two wine glasses that match in the background. >> that's right. >> anyways, i don't -- you know, i hear all this thing about how there is nothing
11:33 pm
to cut. and i don't see a huge effort by people to really dedicate themselves to try to do it? >> that's right. because it would take a new effort on the part of congress to create a regime to root out this waste fraud and abuse in the agencies. >> start penalize people who waste and spend money giving it away wrong. there are ways to do it. i don't see anyone with any idea trying. panel, i'm taking the last word on that. thank you. brace yourself for this one. if you know your tax dollars could be going to pot literally? just one month after colorado legalized marijuana, welfare recipients withdrew thousands of dollars in public assistance cash from atms at colorado weed shops. national review investigation uncovering that information. jillian writes for the national review fellow he franklin center independence williams forum she joins us. jillian, there are atms at these weed shops in colorado? >> there sure are within the first month of legalization at more than 60 times i found people withdrawing cash benefits. now, it's impossible to know
11:34 pm
how much of that money actually went to weed, but i sure it sure points out potential for abuse. >> is there any -- okay, so what percentage overall the food stamp benefits for colorado, we figured thatwe talr something less? is it, you know, i mean it's appalling the number that i did read, but, i mean, any of it might be appalling. do you have any sense of the numbers? the magnitude? >> yeah, well i mean it's only about 60 out of more than 42,000 transactions. i think the point here is not how many or how few. it's that it is happening at all. i mean really welfare money is not intended for marijuana. and the fact that people can go and withdraw cash benefits at marijuana shops is just incomprehensible. >> is colorado, are the politicians in colorado, are they least bit distressed by this? any attention on this at all. >> there have been. there was actually an effort a couple weeks ago to pass a bill that would have regulated ebt withdrawals in marijuana stores and strip clubs. it failed to pass. and that's interesting. because throughout the
11:35 pm
debate on legalization of marijuana, people are saying regulate it like alcohol. colorado law prohibits the use of ebt cards at bars, liquor stores and gambling places but marijuana is really a loophole. that is something that needs to be legally reconciled. >> how could it fail? colorado i can't imagine that politicians think food stamps should be used to buy weed. how does that fail when it comes up for a vote? >> i heard it failed completely along party lines. and i think that's really interesting. another problem that that creates is when i was talking to the basically the administrators of the program, they were saying that even if they know that abuse is going on, they don't have the legal authority to act on it. so i think as other states look at colorado's marijuana legalization experiment, this something that stands out as a place for regulatory improvement. >> i guess it falls under the headline never dull. jillian, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, another new spat, senator lindsey graham taking on national security advisor susan rice. what did rice do to outrage senator graham now.
11:36 pm
he is here to tell you. that's next it was definitely not a kodak moment. the photo israel's prime minister and germany's chancellor merkel never wanted to you see. well, you will see it right here coming up.
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senator lindsey graham blasting susan rice on twitter. rice still sticking by the talking points she delivered on five different sunday morning shows in the days right after the benghazi attack when four americans were murdered in that attack. but the obama administration insisted it was all about a video. senator lindsey graham tweeting susan rice may be comfortable about the role she played in benghazi debacle but no one else outside of president obama's inner circle is. senator graham joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> what a very smart thing to have said if i say so myself. >> what is going on with this? i mean, at least -- i mean -- >> getting away with it. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says said this was the most regrettable incident of the
11:41 pm
time she was there susan rice acts like it's still fine. >> well, from her point of view, her job was to turn a terrorist attack into a protest because they are seven weeks from an election. all of the intelligence coming out of libya, from the station chief, the cia station chief says this was not a protest. fox has done a marvelous job of detailing how people reported a terrorist attack, named who was involved and this protest story was politically hatched out of the white house and why was susan rice picked? she the u.n. ambassador. she has absolutely no control over the conflict in libya. that's not her portfolio. i think they picked her and not hillary because she would say anything i think it's disturbing these years out she is still sticking to it instead of i made a mistake whatever, something. but still sticking to it and acting like we are so stupid that we still believe it number one. and number two is that i dent -- i'm always
11:42 pm
suspicious of someone who will never admit a mistake when backed into the corner with the facts. >> well, number one if she really believes what she said is still accurate god help us all. >> that's scary. >> she said the consulate was substantially, strongly and significantly secured. who in the world -- thats with never the talking points she was making things up. al qaeda has been diminished they are on the run. no evidence of a terrorist attack. what we think was a protest was caused by hateful video we had nothing to do with. she was marginalizing the blame of the obama administration. trying to hide from the american people that auto died was coming back. they did attack us. and the obama narrative wasn't holding water. if congress doesn't call her before an appropriate committee to answer questions that she has never going to get asked on television, then how can we tell family members we got to the truth because she was the person who told the world on 16 september a lie. and if she is not called before congress, how can any of us say we done a good
11:43 pm
job. >> i know you are in the minority of the senate so you cannot -- you don't have the authority to issue. we are a couple years out and everybody at home is thinking to themselves. >> where is the house? >> where the house of representatives? i mean, why aren't they doing something? this is a little bit absurd we are now in the year 2014. >> can i suggest what we should do? this looking at committees separately not working. dod looks at the dod. cia. looks at the state department. you need to have a single committee for everybody. >> you have been saying that for two and a half years it's still not happening. >> can can i suggest to your viewers hold republican house accountable for not having a joint select committee to get to the truth. >> how do they do that? >> just start calling trey gowdy and others have a resolution calling for joint select committee. he has been a great speaker but why we have not in the house formed a joint select
11:44 pm
committee with subpoena power. >> why haven't we? >> i know this, two people i would call. susan rice to see. >> as a witness? >> as a witness and mike morrell the number two at the it cia who actually changed the talking points. >> and do you know what i would do? i would issue. >> he. >> i would issue a subpoena and i would demand that documents that are classified, because i think we overclassify. >> overclassify. >> i would demand all those classified documents be reviewed so see if they're really classified or hide things from the american people. >> mike morrell lied about changing the talking points on two different occasions. to me, senator mccain. and he blamed the fbi. and later in may of 2013, in november of 2012. >> there is no consequence. >> none. >> james clapper lied to senator biden in the u.s. senate and there is nothing on that. do you know what happens if you lie in traffic court? can you get in trouble. you can go up on capitol hill. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you.
11:45 pm
okay, we want to hash it out. president george w. bush is in the news tonight. politico tweeting former president george w. bush to make his formal debut as an artist this spring. president bush takes painting lessons once a week and portfolio already includes pets, landscapes and a jay leno portrait. president bush's paintings will go on display in april at the bush presidential library in dallas. and an embarrassing moment for two world leaders, netanyahu actually gives german chancellor stash. of course the unfortunate photo was not intentional, it happened when the israeli prime minister pointed across the stage casting a shadow across angela merkel's face. use #greta on all your tweets and posts. straight ahead you can imagine anything costing 31,000% more than what you were told it would cost? brace yourself for senator brace yourself for senator tom coburn's can you start tomorrow?
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it is a plan that will not add to our deficit over the next decade. it brings down our deficit by more than $1 trillion over the next two decades. >> which will go a long way towards controlling these costs. that costs are going down. >> president obama promised you that the affordable care act would cut healthcare costs.
11:50 pm
we now know, that's not true. the most recent cbo estimate is that obamacare will cost more than 2 trillion over the next decade. a new report by senator tom coburn shows it will be even more than that way more. maybe even 31,000% more. how does he know? senator coburn joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you hard to understand. >> that's the history how good we are at estimating costs. you just take what the cbo said this year versus what they said when the bill was passed. we are now twice as much as what they said. >> you go back to 1966? >> no. i'm talking just about the affordable care act. a trillion dollars. >> that's 31,000%? >> no. well, that's a doubling of what they thought it was going to cost over the life of the program. the point is we are not any good at estimating costs and that's the study that we just put out that's up on our web site. it's showing here is what we
11:51 pm
said weather he we started the program and here is what it costs today's. in cases of medicaid 31,000 percent from the time it started in 1966 to 2012. in other words, they missed it by 310 times. >> i guess in looking at your study, i would feel a little bit better if sometime we estimated it wrong in our favor. you know, where we actually saved money. or we got some extra money. but when i look at the numbers here. they are incredible how poor the estimates were. and they were always hugely more costly. >> well, but to be fair, some of the increase, greta, is because politicians to enhance their own careers have expanded the programs with either richer benefits or are wider pursue of people. i mean, just think. that's medicaid. 31,000%. we're going to essentially almost double the number of people on medicaid if the affordable care act was totally implemented? and knowing that the medicaid is a substandard system that doesn't give as
11:52 pm
good of care and denies access when it promises access. that's the kind of healthcare we are going into. and then the cost for it is going to be far higher than what we say it's going to cost. >> is there anything from your report, from your study of the cost that should make anyone feel better? >> yes. >> what? >> if you look at the medicare part d, if you look at what it was estimated to cost, it came in far below cost. >> there is one. >> there is a couple reasons for that number one, it was based on the way we allocate scarce resources everywhere else in our economy when the government isn't involved, which is markets and access. and so had you had a healthcare plan that used market forces and consumer choice, and, you know, cost you more if you want more. cost you less if you want less, what you would see is costs would markedly go down. >> that was a little bit about the early thoughts of obamacare the first discussion that it would be market exchange never happened. >> well, but they -- there
11:53 pm
is no real free market in obamacare. here is what you must buy. >> the menu? >> yeah. you have three choices. if you are in washington and work for the federal government and are in the exchange, you have no choice. you get one plan. and it's a captive audience so that's the only place you can can buy it. we he will tell you what you can't. so there is no consumer choice. and there is very little transparency. and that's the first year only. we don't have any idea what's going to happen when they see the experience ratios, the loss ratios. >> give me your estimate a year from now if we are having a conversation about this. what would we be saying about obamacare? >> i think number one, everybody agrees the system we had wasn't working well. number two, this is much worse than even the harshest critics have said it's going to be in terms of disrupting healthcare, denying people access. i mean report out today by the u.s. national association of manufacturers. 60 million people employed in manufacturing are going to lose their insurance in the next year. think about that 60 million
11:54 pm
who are happy with what they have today are going to lose their insurance. they are going to go on to an exchange and buy -- they have three choices. and they are going to have to buy one of those plea choices. not what they want. not what they need and not necessarily with their doctor. you don't get to keep what you had. you don't necessarily get to keep the doc you have. and oh by the way the deductibles and costs is going up. >> senator, thank you. always nice to see you sir. >> thank you. >> thank you. toronto mayor rob ford is talking drugs and drinking. from the looks this video you may be surprised what he has it to say. has it to say. that's next. hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. eb's. the only eggs that make better taste and better nutrition... easy. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition.
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a terror attack in nigeria, were islamist group storming the school overnight while the students slept in their dorms. most of the school was burned to the ground. all of the victims were teenage boys. south africa the judge making a big ruling in the oscar prestorous murder case. part of the trial can be
11:59 pm
broadcast live on tv. prestorous' testimony cannot be shown. press prestorous goes on trial to his girlfriend next week. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight were rescued last may an article ariel castro kidnapped them a week ago. mayor ford tells matt lauer he has not smoked crack at least not recently. >> i don't use illegal drugs. i experimented with them probably like a year ago. but i don't use drugs. and we're in great shape and right ever that interview i'm dieing to hit the gym. >> mayor ford says is he now focused on his re-election campaign and that's tonight's speed read. right now go to and answer this question. based on the continued problems of obamacare rollout and confusion of the
12:00 am
numbers is, it time for secretary sebelius to go? voted in our gretawire poll. bill o'reilly is up next. stay right where you are on fox news channel. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" are kittens secretly obsessed with physics? our panel debates if you should be delighted or terrified if your feline is a certified genius. and does the president think america needs dudes named klause? >> we can't let germany and 60 and we have 4. we need to do better. >> and snack dispenser, or a machine that could cost uh limb at any moment? none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> i'm tom shillue filling in for greg gutfeld who is on a -- well, he is in the trunk of my car. let's welcome our guests. she has been


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